First your thumb print (right hand thumb for males and left hand thumb for females) is taken on a piece of paper. Every thumb impression can be classified into a particular category and the leaves are categorized in bundles based on the thumb imprint categories.

For a particular thumb impression we need to look in to all categorized bundles which matching its category each containing 50 to 100 leaves with future of various individuals. Once the available bundle matching your thumb imprint is found, the Naadi reader takes you into closed discussion and proceeds to read each leaf present in the bundle.

He tells you to answer yes or no to his questions. After reading one or two lines or even less sometimes from the first leaf he asks you some questions and you have to answer yes or no only. If you say “NO” he proceeds to other side of leaf or next leaf and continues his questions.

If he gets “NO” answers to all the leaves of the first bundle he goes back into his library and brings another available bundle which matched your thumb imprint. Then again he asks you some questions to find the perfect leaf from the bundle. If you’re lucky you would get the leaf where everything written would match and answers to all the questions would be YES.

Naadi readers do not know what questions to ask unless they scan the leaves and the concerned person or a person who knows every detail about the person actually consulted has to answer the questions correctly, otherwise the Naadi-readings will go wrong.

If it happens that your leaf is not found in all available bundles which matched your thumb impression we have then we search the further bundles which mathcing your thumb impression at the main center in Tamil Nadu. So the chance that your leaf containing bundle would turn up in this Naadi center on that particular day is remote. We don’t charge anything for our services if your leaf is not found.

The leaf which contains information about your name, your father’s name, your mother’s name, number of brothers and sisters and some more details is considered to be the perfect leaf. Client should confirm their particular leaf through Naadi reader.

After finding the perfect leaf the Naadi reader write down all the things from the leaf into a note book and narrate it in your presence. You can ask questions and get clarifications during the process of Naadi-reading. Then it will be recorded on CD and it is given to the client to take along with note book for future reference.

First there would be general reading and then based on your interest, additional leaves are read to explore areas such as marital relationships, profession and business, past or future lives etc. The sages will also suggest remedial measures that you can take to reduce and to remove the influences of past Karma, the negative influences of unfavorable planetary positions and enhance the benefits of future activities.

These are found in separate chapters called Shanti & Dheeksha (No: 13 & 14)